• Dual Credit Program

    CBCA offers several 11th and 12th grade classes for dual credit. A student can now earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously, giving them the opportunity to graduate from high school with up to one semester of college completed. High school credits are earned from Calvary Baptist Church Academy. College credits are earned from Colorado Christian University, a nationally accredited college. Cost: $200 (payable to CCU).

    Currently, the courses approved for dual credit are Precalculus, Calculus, English Composition, English Literature, and Speech.

    Benefits of a Dual Credit Course:

    • Greater likelihood of earning a high school diploma and a college degree
    • More seamless transition from high school to college
    • Greater likelihood of success in subsequent college work
    • Reduces the cost of enrolling in higher level education courses
    • Enhances skills required for collegiate level courses
    • Shortens the time required to complete an undergraduate degree